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How To Speed Up Magento Wordpress Using Nginx and Varnish

Are you aware that TTFB can affect your positioning in search engines like google ? what ? According to the website the time to first byte is extremely important for your website , yes . A slow site can hurt your business so today I 'm here to offer my service , I'm a professional in Web Performance and may help you troubleshoot slowness on the site or ecommerce

Varnish Cache

Come talk to me , let's create a project and then leave your app super safely and fast , ensuring an increase in your conversions and making your web site a success .

I am going to install and configure for you what exactly is most modern arena of web performance

Web Server Nginx ( Engine - X)

Redis Server

Nginx_Pagespeed ( A perfect module for optimization according to the criteria of googla )

Varnish Cache ( Fly )

Percona Server ( High End Database)



Redis Server

FastCGI Cache